Tandem Bicycle for sale

I saw a tandem bicycle for sale in a bike store earlier. I didn't realize they cost so much! Not that I plan to buy one but I didn't know it was expensive. It's probably why I don't see tandem bicycles often.

Bicycle Types

Bicycles can be categorized in a number of ways. This list categorizes them by; function, number of riders, construction type, gearing, sport, means of propulsion, and rider position.

Bicycles by Function
  • Utility Bicycles
  • Mountain Bicycles
  • Racing Bicycles
  • Messenger Bicycles
  • Touring Bicycles
  • Randonneur
  • Recumbent Bicycles
  • BMX
  • Cruiser Bicycles

Bicycles by Number of Riders
  • Single Rider
  • Tandem Bicycles

Bicycles by Construction Type
  • Penny-farthing
  • Upright Bicycle
  • Recumbent Bicycle
  • Pedersen Bicycles
  • Folding Bicycle
  • Moulton Bicycle
  • Exercise Bicycle
  • Electric Bicycle
  • Staircycle

Bicycles by Gearing
  • Internal Hub Gearing
  • Shaft-driven Bicycles
  • Derailleur Gears
  • Single-speed Bicycles
  • Retro Direct

Bicycles by Sport
  • Road Racing Bicycles
  • Time Trial Bicycles
  • Track Bicycles
  • Cyclo-cross
  • XC Mountain Bicycle
  • BMX
  • Triathlon
  • Bike Trials Riding
  • Freeride

Bicycles by Means of Propulsion
  • Human Powered 
  • Flywheel

Bicycles by Rider Position
  • Upright Bicycle
  • Recumbent Bicycle
  • Sideways Bicycle

Brake Cable

The most often used brake cable for bicycles is called the Bowden Cable. This brake cable consists of a hollow cable usually made of plastic and an inner cable made of stainless steel. When the brake lever is pulled, the inner wire is pulled with it and in turn, pulls on the actual brake on the wheel. Separate brake cables are used for each brake lever which connect to their assigned wheel.

Although the actual inventor of the Bowden Cable is subject to discussion, it is most popularly attributed to Sir Frank Bowden, who found and owned Raleigh Bicycle Company.

Bicycle Components

This pic came from Merriam Webster. It shows the components of a bicycle. The main parts of a bicycle are the frame, handlebar, seat, tires, pedal and chain. The picture shows these in detail.

Here's the list in alphabetical order:
Brake Lever
Chain Stay
Drive Chain
Front Brake
Front Derailleur
Head Tube
Rear Brake
Rear Derailleur
Rear Light
Seat Post
Seat Stay
Seat Tube
Tire Pump
Tire Valve
Toe Clip
Water Bottle
Water Bottle Clip

Advantages of Bicycles

There are a number of advantages of using bicycles as means for transport. Bicycles costs very little to purchase and maintain. They provide full-body exercise for people of any age or body type. Bicycles are also environment friendly.

Comparing the cost of purchasing a bicycle with purchasing a motorized vehicle, bicycles are a far better alternative. Bicycles won't cost an arm and a leg to buy and they cost very little to maintain. They won't require gas and there will always be a cheap (often times free) parking space for them.

In a world made for convenience, there's little time or opportunity for exercise. People can easily dial the phone to have food delivered. They don't even have to get off the couch to change the TV channel. Bicycles offer a way to exercise while having fun. People shy away from just the thought of exercise but if it's coupled with an opportunity to see the sights, then it becomes more appealing. Most people would be able to ride a bicycle further than they can jog or run, and bicycling would broaden their world.

The world has also become filled with air pollution and noise pollution. The greenhouse effect has been thrown a lot when talking about vehicle emissions. The only negative output of riding a bicycle is the carbn dioxide exhaled while cycling. And people exhale even when not riding a bicycle so it's not so much caused by bicycles themselves.

There are so many advantages of using bicycles as transport. These advatages say that bicycles are cheap, healthy and clean.

What is a Bicycle?

To put it simply, a bicycle is a vehicle which consists of 2 wheels attached to a frame and is human-powered. The bicycle has been around since the 19th century and currently has vast amounts of applications; recreation, entertainment, therapy, sport, and occupation to name a few.

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